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Oxfam America: Interview: Humberto Piaguaje
Humberto Piaguaje is the representative of the Secoya people to the Assembly ofDelegates of ... We are assisted by Oxfam America and other people.

Oxfam America: Entrevista: Humberto Piaguaje
Humberto Piaguaje es un representante del pueblo secoya ante la Asamblea de ...líder del pueblo secoya de Ecuador. [foto: Coco Laso/Oxfam America]

Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process
United States of America. General Information/Portal unrelated to Quichua. Secoya.South America. secoya.com. Rob Vickery. United States of America

The Recognition of Rights and the Use of Names in the Internet ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLAmerica. General Information/Portal. unrelated to Quichua. Secoya. South America.secoya.com. Rob Vickery. United States of. America

The Ethnic Shop: Etnomapa Amazónico
Hombre Secoya LENGUAJE: Siona, Secoya (Pai Coca). ... Mujer Secoya CARACTERISTICASGENERALES: Conocidos alguna vez como los encabellados, y luego como los

The Ethnic Shop Home Page
Based in Ecuador, offers items from South America including Guayasamin art, Andeanknits, Amazonian clothing, and jewelry.

LASNET Archive 1996: Action Alert for the Secoya people of Ecuador
To: ENVIRONMENT IN LATIN AMERICA NETWORK <[email protected]> ... The Secoyapeople have been legally granted 40000 ha. of

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobattraditional patterns of the Siona-Secoya insofar as they ... America in 1767ended this effort. Little is known about. the Siona-Secoya during the early

Cap. 13 - Cabeceiras do Putumayo e do Caquetá
..."El ascenso al cielo en la tradición orial Secoya (Noroeste Amazónico)". ...Albany (Nova Iorque): Society for Latin American Anthropology and the Center

María Susana Cipolletti SCHRIFTENVERZEICHNIS (Stand: April 2005 ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLEl motivo de Orfeo y el viaje al reino de los muertos en América del Sur. ...10 La concepción del cosmos de un shamán secoya (Amazonía ecuatoriana).

Codes of Conduct as Mechanisms of Conflict Prevention and ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLSiona-Secoya and the Advent of the Nation-State,? Latin American An-. thropologyReview 1, no. 2, (1989): 55-60. 3. These rights also pertain to those

Database entry Epazote - Chenopodium ambrosioides - Epazote ...
The Siona-Secoya and Kofán Indian tribes in South America also use epazote forintestinal worms (usually by taking one cup of a leaf decoction each morning

Tours, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies for South American Travel
Check out the Central and South America section for Discount Vacations, ...journeys to the Ecuadorian rainforest and visits to the Secoya people.

Tours, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies for South American Travel
Study Spanish in countries throughout Central America and South America. ...journeys to the Ecuadorian rainforest and visits to the Secoya people.

Amazon Alliance - Amazon Update: November 1999, No. 52
The Secoya people of Ecuador and Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) agreed upon a Code of... The Great Encounter of the Quechua People of America. Nov. 4-7.

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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLAmerica and Europe for various radio net-. works, including ABC Radio, the Canadian... Secoya tribe, which has lived for centuries on

Breaking Open the Head
In October 2000, two months after Burning Man, I visited the Secoya Indians, ...The American anthropologist Michael F. Brown finds it unsettling "that New

Pilot Guides.com: Great Tribes: Secoya of Ecuador
South America : Ecuador And The Galapagos Islands : Secoya Indians ...The Secoya inhabit one of the most bio diverse habitats on earth and their

Resources on the Tucano
...to the Cuyabeno River and our jungle camp in the land of the Secoya Indians.... Introduction to Tucano (Tukano) Native American Indian culture of the

Spanish-English Dictionary - Yahooligans! Reference -
American Heritage® Spanish Dictionary. Home > Reference > American Heritage®Spanish Dictionary > secoya ... secoya (Spanish). se·co·ya f. - sequoia
"http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/reference/dict_en_es/entry?lb=e&p=num%3As20024" onmousedown="return clk('http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/reference/dict_en_es/entry?lb=e&p=num%3As20024','res','

Textiles Nacionales - Apparel & Textiles Ecuador Textiles Andean ...
Siona, Secoya, Otavaleño, Tchatchilas (Colorados), Zaparo, Salasacas, ...Location: North western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the

Jungle - Latin Tour and Galapagos Tours, Ecuador, South America
...and one hectare of forest boasts about as many frog species as all of NorthAmerica! ... Secoya, Cofan, Shuar, Zaparo, and the infamous Huaorani.

Towards a Latin America indigenous movement
Secoya, Huaorani, Achuar and Shuar in the Amazon jungle region to. the east.IPS: In general, indigenous people in Latin America have

Botany TZ
Vickers, WT & Plowman, T. Useful Plants of the Siona and Secoya Indians of EasternEcuador. ... Williams, LO, Hoffmanias from Mexico and Central America.

Resident Scholars- Publications
The Channeling Zone: American Spirituality in an Anxious Age. ... "TraditionalConcepts of Power among the Siona-Secoya and the Advent of the Nation-State.

Hotel Listings & Destination Guide for South America - Ecuador
...the Huaorani and Secoya, while on the north coast there's a significant ...As in many parts of Latin America, social and economic divisions between

Latin America Today: Fighting for rights after centuries of ...
To understand Latin America, one must dig deeper than the terrible civil warsand the ... Dressed in the tunic and feathered headdress typical of his Secoya

A Virtual Travel to Ecuador - Republica del Ecuador - South ...
Location: Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator,between Colombia ... Achuar, Shuar, Cofán, Siona-Secoya, Shiwiar and Záparo.

South America Secoya (Tucanoan), Shipibo (Panoan), Epena Pedee (Chocó),Caquinte (Arawakan), Ika (Chibchan), Nadëb (Maku), Yagua (Peba-Yagua),

Natural Science Newsletter - Hampshire College - Amherst, MA
Oxfam America awarded ISIS a $31000 grant for the Secoya Survival Project.The grant will fund a series of exchange visits and workshops between the

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