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The Kayapo are the "Ge-speaking" native peoples of the plain lands of the Matto Grosso in Brazil, south of the Amazon Basin. They live in the rainforests using a sustainable slash-and-burn horticulture. Using global media and international attention, they have established political power over their own land. At one time, mining and logging threatened to destroy the rainforest, and thus their way of life. In retaliation, the Kayapo people used forceful tactics to banish loggers and miners in some areas, as well as establish themselves as an economic force. Later, they were again threatened by a secretive government plans to build a series of hydro-electric dams on their land. A large demonstration was orchestrated by the Kayapo, drawing media attention world-wide. This demonstration, staged at the planned site for the first dam in Altamira, lasted several days and brought much pressure upon both the World Bank and the Brazilian government. As a result, the Wold Bank denied the request for a loan which was to be used to build the dam. The Brazilian government backed out of the plans, as well.

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