Information about the Cofan

Native American Indian Cultures - the Cofan Indians
Introduction to the Cofan Indian culture from the South American Amazon basin.This site is an educational resource for this unique tribe and provides

Native American Indian Cultures from Mexico and South America
Many of the Native American cultures, especially in North America, have been lostforever and are ... Cofan · Piaroa · Yekuana. Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil

The Ethnic Shop: Ecuador Cofanes
Ecuador´s Ethnogaphic Rainforest Map: COFAN Ecuador´s Rainforest Map CofanCommunity LENGUAGE: A'ingae. LINGUISTIC FAMILY: Influence of the Western Tucano

The Ethnic Shop: Etnomapa Amazónico
COFAN. Zaparo LENGUAJE: A'ingae. FAMILIA LINGUISTICA: Influencias de los Tucanos del... Amazon forest Amazon, jungle, rain forest, American indian jewelry,

cofan indian social studies south american tribes
Cofan Elder, Ecuador __ Simply a good portrait. - illustrated - Fromimagesoftheworld.com - http://www.imagesoftheworld.com/photo/gcofanelder.html

Resources on the Cofan
Native American Indian Cultures - the Cofan Indians ... Cofan Indians. ...see their destiny foreshadowed Native American Indian Cultures from Mexico and

The Cofan people, some of the last South American Amerindindians to be exposedto Western culture, have been leaders in this struggle with oil companies,

NativeWeb Home
The Cofan: Guardians of the Rain Forest, Cofan, America - South, 408. We areproud to be able to use this medium to tell you about our culture,

Cofan Language (A'ingae, Kofan)
Cofan Indian language sample and links. ... Cofan (called "A'ingae" by its ownspeakers) is an indigenous language of South America, spoken by some 1500

Cofan Words
Vocabulary Words in Native American Languages: Cofan. Our vocabulary sets sectionis under construction. Though we hope to add a set of 100 common words for

About South America - All Info About Science for Families
Your guide and directory to resources about South America and the Amazon Riverfor classrooms, kids, ... The Cofan: Guardians of the Rain Forest

Amazon Alliance - Amazon Update: February 2001, No. 66
According to the Latin American Association for Human Rights, the Cofan People,and the Indigenous Councils of the Valle del Guamuez and San Miguel,

Randy Borman
Randy Borman: Cofan Chief by Mike Tidwell, Author of "Amazon Stranger" ...son of American missionaries and chief of a community of Cofan Indians,

Amazon.com: Amazon Stranger: A Rainforest Chief Battles Big Oil: Books
LJ 8/90) so vividly recounts this story of Ecuador's Cofan people and the American... Even though the Cofan live in a preserve, oil explorations are a

World Vision Radio: Cofan Indians Pt 1
But in at least one case, contact between an American family and a remote Amzaontribe called the Cofan may have assured survival for that group and their

Alibris: Travel South America
Used, new & out-of-print books with subject Travel South America. ... primitive clanlittle changed over the centuries, the Cofan are led by American Randy.
"http://www.alibris.com/search/books/subject/Travel%20South%20America/page/6" onmousedown="return clk('http://www.alibris.com/search/books/subject/Travel%20South%20America/page/6','res','

SAE Club Store
Their leader, an American by the name of Randy Borman, has led them in a cagey,... The author spent many months with Borman and the Cofan and returned with

SAE Club Store
Deep in the jungles of Ecuador live the Cofan people. Their leader, an Americanby the name of Randy Borman, has led them in a cagey, media-wise,

Cofan Elder, Ecuador 23-434
During our bicycle trip in South America we mountain bike through the Andes andout into the ... We spend three days living with a Cofan Indian family.

worldsurface.com - sustainable tourism for backpackers and ...
The Cofan people, some of the last South American Amerindindians to be exposedto Western culture, have been leaders in a struggle with oil companies,

Google Directory - Regional > South America > Travel and Tourism ...
The Cofan indian community offering ecotours, nature and birdwatching ... to theAmazon rainforest and other natural wonders of Central and South America.

Textiles Nacionales - Apparel & Textiles Ecuador Textiles Andean ...
Huaorani, Shuar (Jivaro), Achuar, Cofan, Siona, Secoya, Otavaleño, ...Location: North western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator

A-Infos (en) ECUADOR: Cofan Tribe against occupies Texaco platform ...
...during construction Yadana pipeline Latin America - ECUADOR: Cofan Tribeoccupies Texaco platform - ARGENTINA: Oilwatch statement on Climate Conference

ravenX::.....: Cofan, Guardian of the Rainforest :
Cofan, Guardian of the Rainforest. The rainforest is the richest ... With thehelp of ''American Chief'' Randy Borman, son of missionary parents and a

University of Chicago: Department of Anthropology: About the ...
University of Chicago Anthropologists who work in Latin America & the Caribbean... Michael Cepek - Amazonian Ecuador (Cofan people); “The Cofan Experiment:

AdventureTV.com - Videos By Geographic Location
Adventure Trips to South America. Trips & Travel Info. Explore South America ...Deep in the Amazon basin live the rarely visited Cofan people.

America South: A
An account of the battle being waged between Ecuador's Cofan tribe and ...the struggles of the Cofan people of Ecuador--led by an American named Randy

Ecuador Travel - Galapagos Cruises - Ecuador trips - Travel ...
Travel to South America - Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands ... in tents likeAguarico Trekking, Expedition to the Waoranis, the cofan of Cuyabeno.

Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Expeditions - Ecuador The Cofan of ...
Ecuador Adventure Tours, Galapagos Yacht cruises & South America tours - travelinformation - Surtrek. Ecuador Adventure Tours Amazon Jungle Expeditions

COFAN 1100 1130 6050 50 18/172 S.America 1111111 ENGLISH 1100 1330 12005 1 330/124N/S America 1111111 1100 1330 21455 1 35/225 Eur./S.Pacific 1111111

Native American Indian Cultures - the Cofan Indians
Indian Cultures from Around the World. Cofan Indians. ... see their destiny foreshadowed

Native American Indian Cultures from Mexico and South America
In South America, not only are the cultures and traditions in danger of disappearing,

Randy Borman
Last November, Randy Borman, the 38-year-old son of American missionaries and chief

Class-Action Pollution Trial Pits Ecuadorian Indians Against US ...
Although surrounded by rain-swollen rivers, this community of Cofan Indians now

cofan people south america indigenous studies
Cofan Indians __ "The Cofans are one of the oldest surviving indigenous

maku indians native south american studies
Maku Indians __ "The Maku Indians reside in the Northwestern part of the Brazilian

Technology is an illusion
It is about Randy Borman, the son of missionaries to the primitive Cofan

Cofán, Guardians of the Rain Forest
CBS, America Tonight June, 1994: Native Son (Randy Borman, chief of the Cofan Indians,

Integrated Teaching Conference
The Cofan Indians of Eastern Ecuador; Past vs. Present-- MS & HS Rawhide Papritz,

News Room of the South Bay Mobilization - Educate, Involve & ...
Post) Although surrounded by rain-swollen rivers, this community of Cofan Indians

News Room of the South Bay Mobilization - Educate, Involve & ...
Along the rushing Aguarico River, where Cofan Indians have lived for 80 years in

...to live." The director of the Torampare community says his people see their destiny

Virtual Galápagos: Dispatches - Archives
I was very excited to visit the Cofan Indians since I found out that they are one

New England School of Law: Native American & Indigenous Law
Shawnee - United Tribe of Shawnee Indians; Sioux Nation; Sisseton Wahpeton ... Environmental

Planet Ark : Ecuador Indians plan to sue Texaco over polluted ...
..."When I bathe a rash appears all over my skin," the petite Cofan Indian woman, who

Chess Edwards Photo Stock List
ECUADOR. The Rain Forest - Hike through virgin rain forests with the Cofan

...immediate and effective action to protect their ways of life, they are sure to follow

Breaking Open the Head
...foot ten in height. Don Esteban, nicknamed Magico, is a Cofan Indian who married

Page Title
Focuses on Randy Borman, the son of US missionaries who now lives with the Cofan

South African Ecotourism
Such an example is the Cuyabeno Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where the Cofan

Amazon links - books
A Rainforest Battles Big Oil ­ Mike Tidwell (1996) True story of Randy Borman, son

Cuyabeno, Come to visit this sanctuary in which the traditional inhabitants the

Survivor Shocker: Surprises X 4! - South America for Visitors ...
Showdown in the Ecuadoran Jungle, from the Washington Post, recounts the efforts

Ecuador & The Galapagos Tours from Discovery Initiatives
Overleaf are a number of ideas from award winning cultural interaction amongst the

Images of the World / Educational, multicultural, school assembly ...
...we bike and canoe into the Amazon Basin, the world's largest rainforest, to see

In the Media
The legal battle now being waged in Ecuadorian courts by the Cofan Indians against

Plan Colombia
...the traditional and even the nontraditional crops." The national human rights

washingtonpost.com: Amazon Stranger
According to Roberto, Randy was a thirty-six-year-old Caucasian living in a village

Washington :: Making a difference is a family affair
...contribute. They’ve supported Ecuador’s Cofan Indians in establishing

Cigar of the Month Club Vol.5 No.1
During the course of this activity, he encountered a tribe of Cofan Indians, living

Plan Colombia: Herbicide Spraying Killing Food Crops, Pastures
Obencio German Criollo, a traditional healer of the Cofan Indian tribe, shows a

OSU Anthropology - Dr. Douglas Crews
Dr. Crews is currently working with data collected from American Samoans, African

59. Fitton LJ, CREWS DE. Blood pressure in Cofan Indians of Ecuador: another low

BACK FROM THE BRINK: Native peoples and the future - NI 186 ...
In 1980, several Indian organizations representing people from the Shuar, Huoarani,

...(B,L,D) Day 3: (Thu.) Flotel Orellana. Explore the jungle at close hand during

About Main
A luncheon with a family in Quito and a visit the Cofan Indians in the Amazon will

Defler and Santacruz (1994) report short-eared dog eating fallen Brosimum fruits

Lee Creswell - The Batik Guild
There she slept in a hammock and, with a Cofan Indian as a guide, explored and studied

The Amazon Rainforest
Next morning we travel an hour and a half upstream by motorised canoe to

Boston.com / News / World / Ecuadorans sue over water pollution
Although surrounded by rivers, this community of Cofan Indians now trusts

Narcotically Oriented Societies
N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and without which the Cashinahua claim the hallucinations

Sunday Times - South Africa's best selling newspaper
..."I celebrated my bar mitzvah in the Amazon with the nomadic Cofan Indians

Waorani Indians - Useful References - page 3 of 3
Fugler, CM& Swanson, WL (1971): Biological and Ethnoecological Observations on the

SIL Bibliography: Ecuador
El arte cofán en tejido de hamacas (The Cofan art of hammock weaving). ... 1979. "Patterns

NATIVE-L (May 1994): Ecuador: Indian groups sue Texaco Oil
In November 1993, the Cofan and Secoya Indians filed a US$1.5 billion suit in the

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