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Wuluf language resources

Wuluf is spoken on a daily basis in: Senegal Wuluf--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Wuluf
don't just dream... dreamharder: Wuluf
HTML Blues - Part XII » September 09, 2002 Wuluf I've been taking it easy - plenty of Champ Manager. I had a dream the other night. The only fragment left is: I was being chased hunted by wolves/dogs. It ...

What are the most spoken languages on earth?
Wuluf Xhosa | Xiang | Xitsonga Yao | Yiddish | Yoruba Zapoteco | Zarma | Zaza | Zuara | Zulu by Country What are the most spoken languages on earth? All data is derived from UNESCO . what's new | tropical ...

DooDah Trees, Tree #31
...provided both these awesome shows! Thanks again for another killer pick!!! Set List 06/12/98 Wuluf Cumulus > The Social > Cumulus Camp Shuie Don't Foil the Moil Autobody Experience 09/06/98 The Chicken* Phase One ...

Severe Jam Damage
...they ignore me, intent only on the dog and the boy. I can hear them asking questions: ‘Izee a wuluf?’ ‘Duz he et cats?’ ‘Wha’ duz he eat?’ ‘Will he ate me?’ The boy smiles again ...

karen2205 - User Info
...wuluf , x_mass , xtremesaints , xxemogrrlxx , yady , yankssuck , yossarian_22 , youngyesterday , zoex 67: allotment , bicon , bookmarklj , candystore , challengequiz , changelog , charmed_ones , coeliac_recipes , comm ...

The New York Times: Travel
...have taken on the challenge of teaching themselves French, Spanish and smatterings of Creole and Wuluf so far), if there's something new to be learned from it. Of course there always is. Advertisement ...

sermoa - LiveJournal MindMap
...wuluf artremis ) To paste into LJ: MindMap PASTE the HTML into an LJ post. (If the button doesn't copy the text shown in the box, highlight it all with your mouse, and then choose Copy in your browser.) ...

don't just dream... dreamharder: HTML Blues - Part XII
Wuluf | Main | Moving a rock and finding the bones » September 11, 2002 HTML Blues - Part XII Right now as I type this, dreamharder looks messed up. I have been fighting with the tables and the layout ...

arkady - User Info
...wuluf , wurmwyd , yady , yellowrocket , yuushuunokaiga , zeke_hubris , ziggabella_rats 122: 30pluspagans , _visage_ , alchemylab , allotment , alt_gothic , apocalinks , apothecaryscat , baddreams , bmovie , boo_to ...

don't just dream... dreamharder: Mess and War
Wuluf » September 05, 2002 Mess and War I've been too busy playing Chamionship Manager. And there is so much stuff swirling about in here. Jobs, websites, houses, landlords, family, html, dreams - SW ...


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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