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Teke language resources

Teke is spoken on a daily basis in: Congo Teke--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Teke
Guide to Teke / Tekke Rugs & Carpets
Tekke people is Teke. The misspelling Tekke is so common that I find it hard to go back and correct it. So I move forward using Teke in newer work. The ...

Links: Breeds & Breeders Akhal Teke
...of the Akhal Teke Association of america. The ATAA is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of this ancient oriental breed. Keywords: akhal-teke akhal teke turkoman turkmenistan ...

Akhal-Teke Breed Resources * Rare equine breeds conservation ...
Akhal-Teke comprehensive reference. Akhal-Teke breed associations, Akhal-Teke breeders, Akhal-Teke breed information and Akhal-Teke general information. Akhal-Teke breed resources breed status ...

ATAA Homepage the promotion of the Akhal-Teke One of the most ancient and unique breeds of the world the Akhal-Teke was created in Southern Turkmenia by the "Teke" tribe on the "Akhal" oasis. It is the most ...

Page Creek Ranch Akhal-Tekes
Akhal-Teke horses for sale and stud service. Pure, part-bred and sporthorses available.

The Teke have lived in athe Democratic Republic of Congo since the eighth century, on the right bank of the Congo River. Explore Ethnographica African_Art_Gallery Oriental_Rugs ~~~~ Ethnographica Entrance ...

The name of this people indicates its occupation—that is, trading—from teke , meaning “to buy.” The Teke settled in a territory lying across Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the ...

Ch Cirrus Feliz Tequila Rose
Teke was hand picked by myself from Cirrus Havanese. We have the pleasure of owning Her older sister Abigail and were so happy and pleased with her that we went back for Another Quetzal x Mario girl ...

Horse Art Collection - Rare Horse Breed - Akhal-Teke Horse
...of horse called the "Akhal-Teke." Akhal-Teke Horse One of the most ancient and unique breeds of the world the Akhal-Teke was created in Southern Turkmenia by the "Teke" tribe on the "Akhal" oasis. It is ...

The Beautiful Akhal-teke is a site dedicated to the protection of the rare akhal-teke breed. "Absent" Thank you for visiting! We hope to increase the number of these beautiful ...


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