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Tai language resources

Tai is spoken on a daily basis in: Laos, Viet Nam Tai--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Tai
TAI is also an abbreviation for International Atomic Time
The Tai languages are a subgroup of the Tai Kadai language family. The Tai languages include the most widely spoken of the Tai-Kadai languages, including Thai, the national language of Thailand, Lao or Laotian, the national language of Laos, Myanmar's Shan language, and Zhuang, a major language of southern China.
Central Tai languages (6) Southern Zhuang (China) E (China) Man Cao Lan (Vietnam) Nung (Vietnam) Ty (Tho) (Vietnam) Ts'n-Lao (Vietnam) East Central Tai languages (1) Northwest Tai languages (1) Turung (India) Northern Tai languages (4) Northern Zhuang (China) Nhang (Vietnam) Bouyei (Buyi) (China) Tai Mne (Laos) Southwestern Tai languages (32) Tai Ya (China) East Central Tai languages (10) Chiang Saeng languages (8) Tai Dam (Vietnam) Northern Thai (Lanna, Thai Yuan) (Thailand, Laos) Phuan (Thailand) Thai Song (Thailand) Thai (Thailand) Tai Hang Tong (Vietnam) Tai Dn (Vietnam) Tai Daeng (Vietnam) Tay Tac (Vietnam) Thu Lao (Vietnam) Lao-Phutai languages (4) Lao (Laos) Nyaw (Thailand) Phu Thai (Thailand) Isan (Northeastern Thai) (Thailand, Laos) Northwestern Tai languages (9) Ahom (India - extinct. Modern Assamese is Indo-European.) Aiton (India) L (Lue, Tai Lue) (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar) Khamti (India, Myanmar) Khn (Myanmar) Khamyang (India) Phake (India) Shan (Myanmar) Tai Na (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos) Pu Ko (Laos) Pa Di (China) Southern Tai languages (1) Southern Thai (Pak Thai) (Thailand) Tai Thanh (Vietnam) Ty Sa Pa (Vietnam) Tai Long (Laos) Tai Hongjin (China) Yong (Thailand) Unclassified Southwestern Tai Hongjin (China) Yong (Thailand) Unclassified (1) Kuan (Laos) Rien (Laos) Tay Khang (Laos) Tai Pao (Laos) Tai Do (Vietnam)


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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