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Tachelhit language resources

Tachelhit is spoken on a daily basis in: Algeria Tachelhit--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Tachelhit

Tashelhiyt (also Tashelhit or Tachelhit or Tachelhiyt or Shilha, native name: tašl?iyt, French: tachelhit, Arabic: ??????) is the largest Berber language of Morocco both by number of speakers (between 8 and 10 million) and by the extent of its area. Tashelhiyt is spoken in Southern Morocco an area ranging from the northern slopes of the High-Atlas to the southern slopes of the Anti-Atlas, bounded to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The eastern limit of the Tashelhiyt area is difficult to pinpoint because of a smooth transition into Southern Middle Atlas Berber (Tamazight). The Sous region is central to the Tashelhiyt area, hence it's often called Sous-Berber or tasusiyt (tasousit), even though it stretches to surrounding regions well outside of Sous. Tashelhiyt is known for its rich oral literature. Literature written in the Arabic script has been produced from the second half of sixteenth century on; Muhammad Awzal (ca. 1680-1749) was the most prolific poet of the Tashelhiyt literary tradition.


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