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Serere language resources

Serere is spoken on a daily basis in: Senegal Serere--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Serere
Madidi Travel - Serere
Serere Sanctuary Photo: Joel Sartore Serere Sanctuary is named for this colorful bird. They're easy to spot on the shores of our lakes. Serere Sanctuary Photo: Mael Dewynter A nightime stroll with a ...

Language Museum - Serere-Sine
Serere-Sine Sample Translation Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political ...

Madidi Travel Photo Gallery :: Mammals of Serere
...home. Rosa Maria purchased the animal and it was successfully reintroduced to the wild in Serere Sanctuary. Please discourage people from purchasing fauna as pets. Viewed: 22 times. Local people ...

Madidi Travel - Itinerary
Serere. Madidi Travel does not sell packaged tours and each guest is encouraged to enjoy Serere at his or her own pace. Adventurous souls will find ample opportunities to explore Serere's forests and ...

Madidi Travel Photo Gallery :: Birds of Serere
This owl was rescued after being wounded by an eagle. It was successfully reintroduced to Serere Sanctuary Viewed: 15 times. Parabas in flight... a splash of red and blue against the green of the ... abandon,” both of which go back to Latin d serere, “to forsake, leave uninhabited,” which is made up of d -, expressing the notion of undoing, and the verb serere, “to link together.” We can also ...

Madidi Travel - Volunteer
Serere Photo: Christopher Lee Serere offers many diverse opportunities for volunteer work. VOLUNTEERS Are you interested in volunteer work? Do you have valuable skills that could contribute to the ...

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Madidi Travel Photo Gallery
...album contains 3 items. This album has been viewed 102 times since 15/04/2005. Mammals of Serere Last changed on 27/04/2005. This album contains 4 items. This album has been viewed 98 times since ...

Hotels and Travel in the Solomon Islands
Serere Fringing Reef Lodge Tambea: Tambea Holiday Resort Malaita: Auki: Auki Lodge New Georgia: Munda: Agnes Lodge - Zipolo Habu Resort Uepi: Uepi Island Resort Vangunu: Rogosakena Lodge Tourist ...


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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