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Saho language resources

Saho is spoken on a daily basis in: Eritrea Saho--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Saho

The Saho language is a Cushitic language of Eritrea, spoken in the middle of the country, as well as by a small group across the border in Ethiopia. Their territory is bounded by the bay of Arafali in the east, the Laasi Ghedé valleys in the south, the Ethiopian highlands to the west (Akele-Guzai, Shimezana, and Agame), and Mount Bizen and the Semhar to the north. It borders Tigre on the west and its close relative Afar on the east. It has four main dialects: Toroa, Assaorta, Minifero, and Irob. It has about 200,000 speakers.

It is so closely related to Afar that some regard them as dialects of a single "Saho-Afar language".


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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