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Quiche language resources

Quiche is spoken on a daily basis in: Guatemala Quiche--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Quiche
For other uses, see Quiché (disambiguation).
The K'iche' language (Quiché in Spanish) is a part of the Mayan language family. It is spoken by many K'iche' people in the central highlands of Guatemala. With close to a million speakers (some 7% of Guatemala's population), it is the second most widely spoken language in the country after Spanish. Most speakers of K'iche' also have at least a working knowledge of Spanish except in some isolated rural villages.

There is substantial dialectal variation, and the main dialects are sometimes considered to be separate languages. Most speakers use Central K'iche', which is the most commonly used in the media and education. Other dialects include West Central K'iche', San Andrés Quiché, Joyabaj K'iche', Eastern K'iche', Nahualá K'iche' and Cunén K'iche'. Although it has no official status in Guatemala and the first-language literacy rate is low, K'iche' is increasingly taught in schools and used on radio.

The most famous work in the Classical Quiché language is the Popol Vuh (Popol Wuj in modern spelling).


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