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Piemontese language resources

Piemontese is spoken on a daily basis in: Italy Piemontese--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Piemontese

Piedmontese (also known as Piemontčis, and Piemontese in Italian) is spoken by over 2 million people in Piedmont, northwest Italy. It is part of the western group of Romance languages, like French, Provençal and Catalan, and it is geographically and linguistically close to the northern Italian regional languages – Lombard, Emiliano-Romagnolo, Ligurian and Venetian – that, according to the Ethnologue classification, constitute the group of Gallo-Italic languages, also known as Cisalpine. Linguists worldwide (e. g. Einar Haugen, Hans Göbl, Helmut Lüdtke, George Bossong, Klaus Bochmann, Karl Gebhardt, Guiu Sobiela Caanitz, Gianrenzo P. Clivio) acknowledge Piedmontese as an independent language, though in Italy it is often still considered an Italian dialect. Today it is not an official language. Piedmontese was the first language of the emigrants who left Piedmont, in the period 1850-1950, for countries like France, Argentina and Uruguay.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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