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Oromigna language resources

Oromigna is spoken on a daily basis in: Ethiopia Oromigna--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Oromigna

Oromo, also known as Afaan Oromoo or Oromiffa(a) and sometimes in other languages as variant spellings of these names (Oromigna, Afan Oromo, etc.), is an Afro-Asiatic language, and the most widely spoken of the Cushitic sub-phylum. As with Arabic, some (including SIL) view it as a set of closely related languages, but, at least within Ethiopia, its speakers consider it to be a single language. It is spoken by approximately 245 million Oromos and other neighboring nationalities in Ethiopia and in Kenya. Formerly the language and people were often referred to by non-Oromos within Ethiopia as well as by Europeans as Galla, but this term is considered pejorative by the Oromos and is no longer used.

Oromo uses a modified Latin alphabet called Qubee, which was formally adopted in 1991. The Ge'ez abugida was the most commonly used script in the past, though in Ethiopia, writing the Oromo language in any script had been banned by the government of Haile Selassie. With the adoption of Qubee, it is believed more texts were written in the Oromo language between 1991 and 1997 than in the previous 100 years. [1] [2]

The Arabic alphabet has also been used.


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