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Occitan language resources

Occitan is spoken on a daily basis in: France Occitan--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Occitan

Occitan, known also as Lenga d'˛c or Langue d'oc (Occitan: occitan, lenga d'˛c) is a Romance language spoken in a territory called Occitania (i.e. Southern France, Monaco and some valleys of Italy and Spain). All of its subdivisions are generally mutually intelligible. The area where Occitan had been historically dominant is home to some 14 million inhabitants. It may be spoken as a first language by as many as two million people in France, Italy, Spain and Monaco (Ethnologue, 2005). It is furthermore stated by some researchers that up to seven million people in France understand the language. However, these two estimates should be considered very optimistic upper bounds; the actual figures are almost certainly substantially lower (see Usage in France, below). More widely accepted wisdom suggests that as few as half a million proficient speakers remain in France, for example.

In France, Italy and Spain, Occitan or Langue d'oc is the general name given to all dialects of the language. Provenšal used to be a synonym of Occitan but since the second half of the 20th Century, it has been used mainly to refer to the Occitan dialect of Provence.

In the English-speaking world, "Provenšal" is often used to refer to all dialects of Occitan as well as to medieval versions of Occitan known as "Langue d'oc".


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