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Munukutuba language resources

Munukutuba is spoken on a daily basis in: Congo Munukutuba--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Munukutuba
Ethnologue report for language code:mkw
...influence des langues maternelles sur le développement du discours en Munukutuba. Vernacular Publications Bisono ya ndinga ya munukutuba (L’alphabet en munukutuba). Bunkete ya nzutu na ya yinzo. ... • Creole and Pidgin Languages
The Chinook Jargon by George Shaw Dictionary of Congo-Brazzaville National Languages (Munukutuba) 12 Other Glossaries and Dictionaries of Chinook Haitian Creole HTML Word List Kreyol-English-French ...

Jesus Video
Munukutuba V207 Mwaghavul V325 Nahuat (E Aztec) V326 Nahuat (W Aztec) V185 Nandi/Kinandi V413 Ndau V327 Ndebele V210 Nuer V136 Nyanja (Chichewa) V328 Nyoro Runyoro (Rutoro) V280 Oriya V401 Oromo, Borana-Arsi-Guii ...

Faith Comes by Hearing: Bible Recordings
Munukutuba (Kituba) Nafaanra Nahuatl, Guerrero Nahuatl, Huasteca Eastern ...

Untitled Document
Munukutuba Murcian (Panocho) Murle Murrinh-Patha Muskogee Muyuw Mwaghavul Mwanga Myene Learn Spanish Learn French Learn Italian Learn Portuguse ...

SIL Bibliography: Congo
...influence des langues maternelles sur le développement du discours en Munukutuba. Ethnography Wilkie, David S. 1996. "Logging in the Congo: Implications for indigenous foragers and farmers." ...

Congo-Brazzaville National Languages
Online Dictionary, Bantu Web Site

Munukutuba Greetings
Greetings in Munukutuba, Salutations en munukutuba Munukutuba greetings Parlé dans la région de / Spoken around: Sud / South-Congo Par env. / By ca.: 60% (première / first position) N° de class. bantu ...

What are the most spoken languages on earth?
Munukutuba | Muong | Myene Nahuat | Nahuatl | Nauruan | Ndebele | Neapolitan | Nefusi | Nepalese | Nepali | Ngoni | Niuean | Niyanja | Norwegian | Nubian | Nuer | Nung | Nyankore Occitan | Oriya | ...

Ethnologue report for language code:ldi
...from the SIL Bibliography about this language: Vernacular Publications Les animaux du Congo (Munukutuba - Beembe - Laari - Mbochi - Teke - Dibole - Bɛkwɛl - Lingala). This web edition of the Ethnologue ...


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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