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Mapudungun language resources

Mapudungun is spoken on a daily basis in: Chile Mapudungun--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Mapudungun

Mapudungun (mapu means 'earth' and dungun means 'to speak') is a language isolate spoken in central Chile and west central Argentina by the Mapuche (mapu is 'earth' and che means 'people') people. It is also known as Mapudungu, Araucanian (Araucano) (the name given to the Mapuche people by the Spanish, it sometimes has a negative connotation) and Mapuche. Its speakers number 440,000, with 400,000 in the Central Valley of Chile and 40,000 in the Argentinian region of Patagonia. Some 200,000 people use the language regularly.

Mapadungun lacks substantive protection or promotion, despite the Chilean government's commitment to improve the situation and provide full access to education in Mapuche areas in southern Chile.


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