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Malinke language resources

Malinke is spoken on a daily basis in: Senegal, Mali Malinke--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Malinke

The Malinké are an African Mandé ethnic group. They are generally Muslim, having abandoned earlier pantheist beliefs.

Approximately 7,750,000 (source} Malinké are scattered throughout West Africa, including:-
Guinea - 2.8 million Mali - 1.1 million Ivory Coast - 1.0 million Senegal - 1.0 million Gambia - 600,000 Sierra Leone - 400,000 Burkina Faso - 400,000 Guinea-Bissau - 200,000 Liberia - 100,000 Ghana - 100,000
They do not form a majority group in any of the above countries. In Gambia they represent approx. 39% of the country's total population, in Guinea 32% and in Guinea-Bissau 14%.

Traditionally they are subsistence farmers, growing small cash crops of peanuts and millet in the Sahel Africa region.

The "Malinke Empire" is an ethnic entity governed from its capital of Kangaba since the 8th century.


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