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Macedonian language resources

Macedonian is spoken on a daily basis in: Albania, Macedonia Macedonian--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Macedonian
This article is about the Slavic language. For the unrelated, non-Slavic language spoken in the ancient world, see Ancient Macedonian language.
The Macedonian language (??????????, Makedonski) is a language in the Eastern group of South Slavic languages and is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. It is also officially recognised in the District of KorÁŽ in Albania. Macedonian is closely related to Standard Bulgarian.

It also has some similarities with standard Serbian and is closest to the intermediate Torlakian dialect spoken mostly in southern Serbia and in western Bulgaria. Both Bulgarian and the Macedonian language share typological similarities with Romanian, Greek, and Albanian. These five languages make up the Balkan sprachbund, even though the last three are from different language families (Romanian is a Romance language, while Greek and Albanian comprise their own branches in the Indo-European family).

Along with Bulgarian, Macedonian is the only Slavic language not to use noun cases (except for the vocative) and to have a definite article.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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