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Lao language resources

Lao is spoken on a daily basis in: Laos Lao--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Lao

Lao (??????? phaasaa laao) is the official language of Laos. It is a tonal language of the Tai family, and is so closely related to the Isan language of the northeast region of Thailand that the two are often classed as one language. The writing system of Lao is an abugida (a writing system composed of signs denoting consonants with an inherent following vowel) and is closely related to the writing system used in Thai.

The Lao language can be divided into five main dialects :
Vientiane Lao Northern Lao (Luang Prabang) North-Eastern Lao (Xieng Khouang) Central Lao (Khammouan) Southern Lao (Champasak)
Vientiane Lao, the predominant dialect due to its use in the capital (whence it gets its name), is widely understood throughout the country, and all the dialects are for the most part mutually intelligible.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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