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Lalabisa language resources

Lalabisa is spoken on a daily basis in: Zambia Lalabisa--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Lalabisa
What are the most spoken languages on earth?
Lalabisa | Lao | Latvian | Ligurian | Limba | Lingala | Lithuanian | Lituanian | Loanda | Lomwe | Lozi | Luba | Luo | Luxembourgeois | Luyia Maay | Maba | Macedo Rom | Macedonian | Madura | Maithali | ...

Most Spoken: Insights on switzerland which AWR broadcasts each day. The ... Most spoken languages in Zambia ... Niyanja, Lozi, Lalabisa are other languages spoken on a regular basis in Zambia What are the most spoken languages on earth ...
...koseng krajacic kreiger ktivi kulikovskij kulm kunhar kuriyo labioglossal ladybug lagomyidae lalabisa lamah lamprophyre lanchbury landahl landoukro lanl laplume larruping latherwort laverna laystow ...
...aa aab aac aachen aad aaem aaf aag aage aah aai aaimasa aak aakhwe aal aaleira aam aan aap aar aara aarai aari aariya aat aaw aaye abaca abacama abacha abadah abadam abadekh abadi abadzex abaga abai abajo abak abaka abakaka abakaliki abakan ...


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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