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Kekchi language resources

Kekchi is spoken on a daily basis in: El Salvador Kekchi--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Kekchi
Ethnologue 14 report for language code:KEK
Ethnologue 14 and bibliography information on KEKCH√?. KEKCH√?: a language of Guatemala The following is the entry for this language as it appeared in the 14th edition (2000). It has been ...

This site was created with information from Maya of Guatemala by Carmen L Pettersen. Although the Kekchi’s are the forth largest language groups, there are few villages with traditional outfits. Here ...

Punta Gorda, Belize - Nearby Villages
Kekchi Garifuna Mestizo Mestizo/Kekchi Kekchi Kekchi Mestizo Mixed Kekchi Kekchi Mopan Mixed Kekchi Mixed East Indian East Indian Kekchi Kekchi Kekchi East Indian Mixed Kekchi Kekchi Kekchi East Indian Kekchi Kekchi Creole Mopan ...

Kekchi Translation Service - English to Kekchi Translation
Kekchi Translation services company offering high quality professional Kekchi Translation at excellent prices. Kekchi Translation to or from English Contact Us | Newsletter signup Instant Quote ...

Guatemala Trip 2004: 27 A Kekchi Hut
One of the huts along the patway in the Kekchi village. I felt like a National Geographics photograher! Permalink

Threads of Hope Guatemala Weaving Cooperative
Guatemala a few years ago, Kekchi Mennonite weavers wove colorful bags for all the participants. Several mission workers were taught to weave by Kekchi women. One Kekchi man admired my Mother's quilts ...

Guatemala Trip 2004: 23 Kekchi Village Group Photo
23 Kekchi Village Group Photo Kekchi Village in Guatemala February 02, 2004 Members of our group posing with Kekchi village children. Permalink

machine translations, translate, translator, translation, languages ...
Karen, Kashmiri, Kashubian, Kaska, Kate, Kawa, Kazakh, Kebu, Kechua - See Quechua, Quechua, Kekchi, Keresan, Ket, Yenisei-Ostyak, Khakass, Khalkha, Mongolian, Khanty, Khasi, Khmer, Kiga, Kikongo ...

Guatemala Trip 2004
2004, to celebrate the planting of the first Vineyard Church in that country. We also visited a Kekchi tribal village in the mountains, and several other cities where future Vineyard Churches may be ...

...into Santa Elena. The village was mixed Kekchi Maya and Mopan Maya, although the women wore Mopan skirts and blouses because Kekchi skirts were too hard to get. (Photo by A. Terry ...


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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