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Dari language resources

Dari is spoken on a daily basis in: Afghanistan Dari--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Dari

Dari is a term used to denote one of several closely related Persian dialects spoken in what used to be Greater Khorasan:
The local name for the Persian language in Afghanistan; see Dari (of Afghanistan) One name used by Zoroastrians (the others being Gabri and Yazdi) to refer to the Northwestern Iranian language they speak; see Dari (Zoroastrian) The name used to refer to the use of the Persian language in classical Persian poetry
The term Dari is usually said to derive from Parsi-e Darbari which means Persian of the (royal) courts. It developed at the royal courts of the Samanids (980 AD) in Central Asia and became the major language of Persia. Another theory is that comes from Dara, a word meaning 'valley', referring to the deep valleys of Khorasan, where the language developed.


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