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Azerbaijani language resources

Azerbaijani is spoken on a daily basis in: Armenia Azerbaijani--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Azerbaijani
''The term "Azeri language" is also sometimes used to refer to a dialect of the Tat language spoken in Azerbaijan or to the Ancient Azari language.
The Azerbaijani language, also called Azeri, Azari, Azeri Turkish, or Azerbaijani Turkish, is the official language of Republic of Azerbaijan.

It is called Az?rbaycan dili in Azerbaijani. Iranian Azerbaijanis often call it Türki.[1] Some dialects of the language are spoken in many parts of Iran (but most notably in the northwestern areas, known as Iranian Azerbaijan), where it is the most dominant language and lingua franca for minority languages to the area such as Kurdish, Armenian and Taleshi. Iran is home for the majority of Azeri speakers in the world. The language is also spoken in Russia's Republic of Dagestan, south-eastern Georgia, northern Iraq, and eastern Turkey.

There are approximately 23 to 30 million native Azerbaijani speakers (Circa 16 to 23 million in Iran and 7 million in Azerbaijan Republic and 800,000 on other smaller communities).[citation needed] It is a Turkic language of the Oghuz branch, closely related to Turkish and also historically influenced by Persian and Arabic languages.

In addition, Azerbaijani is mutually intelligible with other Oghuz languages, which include the Turkish language as it is spoken in Turkey, the Caucasus, Cyprus, the Balkans, Iraq, Syria, and Western Europe, as well as the Turkmen language.


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