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Alsatian language resources

Alsatian is spoken on a daily basis in: France Alsatian--> --> --> -->

Additional background on Alsatian
A bilingual (French and Alsatian) sign in Alsace.
Alsatian (French Alsacien, German Elsässisch) is a Low Alemannic German dialect spoken in Alsace, a region in eastern France which has passed between French and German control many times.

Not readily intelligible to speakers of standard German, it is closely related to other nearby Alemannic dialects, such as Swiss German, Swabian, and Badisch with French influences. It is often confused with the Frankish language, a more distantly related German Western Franconian dialect. Both are called alsacien in French.

Many speakers write in standard German, although street names (formerly only in French, now bilingual in some places, especially Strasbourg) may use local spellings.

The constitution of the Fifth Republic states that French alone is the official language of the Republic. However Alsatian, along with other regional languages, are ennumarated by the French government in the official list of languages of France.

Microsoft has announced an Alsatian version of Office 2007.


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