Postal codes for Wayne County-Pennsylvania

Zip codes for the Wayne County-Pennsylvania metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Wayne County-Pennsylvania Postal Codes

18405 Beach Lake570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18415 Damascus570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18415 Galilee570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18417 Equinunk570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18424 Clifton570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18424 Thornhurst570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18424 Gouldsboro570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18424 Clifton Township570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18427 Hamlin570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18431 Bethany570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18431 Honesdale570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Cobbs Lake Preserve570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Cobbs Lk Pres570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Jefferson Township570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Lake Ariel570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Roaring Brook Township570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Roaring Bk Tp570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18436 Mount Cobb570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18437 Lake Como570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18438 Lakeville570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18438 Hawley570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18439 Lakewood570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18443 Milanville570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18445 Newfoundland570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18449 Orson570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18453 Pleasant Mt570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18453 Pleasant Mount570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18454 Poyntelle570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18455 Preston Park570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18456 Prompton570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18459 South Canaan570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18460 South Sterling570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18461 Starlight570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18462 Starrucca570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18463 Sterling570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18469 Tyler Hill570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18472 Waymart570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18473 White Mills570Wayne CountyPennsylvania (PA)

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