Zip codes for Sonoma County-California

Zip codes for the Sonoma County-California metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Sonoma County-California Postal Codes

95476 Agua Caliente707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95412 Annapolis707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95425 Asti707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95416 B H Springs707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Bloomfield707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94922 Bodega707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94923 Bodega Bay707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95416 Boyes Hot Springs707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95416 Boyes Springs707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95419 Camp Meeker707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95421 Cazadero707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95425 Cloverdale707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94926 Cotati707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94927 Cotati707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94928 Cotati707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94931 Cotati707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95430 Duncans Mills707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95433 El Verano707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95431 Eldridge707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Fallon707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95416 Fetters Hot Springs707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95436 Forestville707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95450 Fort Ross707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95472 Freestone707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95439 Fulton707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95441 Geyserville707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95442 Glen Ellen707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95444 Graton707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95446 Guerneville707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95446 Guernewood707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95448 Healdsburg707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95450 Jenner707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95409 Kenwood707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95452 Kenwood707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Lakeville707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95403 Larkfield707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95462 Monte Rio707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95465 Occidental707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94951 Penngrove707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94953 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94954 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94955 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94975 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94999 Petaluma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95471 Rio Nido707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94926 Rohnert Park707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94927 Rohnert Park707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94928 Rohnert Park707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95407 Roseland707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95462 Russian River707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95462 Russian River Meadows707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94923 Salmon Creek707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95401 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95402 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95403 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95404 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95405 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95406 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95407 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95409 Santa Rosa707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95476 Schellville707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95472 Sebastopol707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95473 Sebastopol707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95486 Sheridan707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95476 Sonoma707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94926 State Farm Insurance707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95480 Stewarts Point707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95480 Stewarts Point Rancheria707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95425 The Geysers707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95497 The Sea Ranch707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Two Rock Coast Guard Station707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94952 Two Rock Ranch Station707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
94972 Valley Ford707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95486 Villa Grande707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95487 Vineburg707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)
95492 Windsor707Sonoma CountyCalifornia (CA)

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