Zip codes for Midland County-Michigan

Zip codes for the Midland County-Michigan metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Midland County-Michigan Postal Codes

48618 Coleman989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48667 Dow Chemical Mi Division989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48674 Dow Chemical USA989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48686 Dow Corning Corporation989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48620 Edenville989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48628 Hope989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48670 Mid Michigan Reg Med Center989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48640 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48641 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48642 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48667 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48670 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48674 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48686 Midland989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48670 Midland Hospital Center989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)
48657 Sanford989Midland CountyMichigan (MI)

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