Zip codes for McHenry County-Illinois

Zip codes for the McHenry County-Illinois metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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McHenry County-Illinois Postal Codes

60001 Alden815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60033 Alden815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60102 Algonquin847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60156 Algonquin847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60021 Barrington Hills847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60102 Barrington Hills847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60012 Bull Valley815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Bull Valley815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60097 Bull Valley815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60098 Bull Valley815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60013 Cary847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60033 Chemung815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60152 Coral815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60012 Crystal Lake815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60014 Crystal Lake815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60039 Crystal Lake815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60021 Fox River Grove847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60021 Fox River Grv847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60098 Greenwood815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60033 Harvard815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60034 Hebron815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Holiday Hills815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60051 Holiday Hills815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60142 Huntley847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Johnsburg815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60051 Johnsburg815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60102 Lake in the Hills847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60156 Lake In The Hills847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60102 Lake In The Hls847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60156 Lake In The Hls847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Lakemoor815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60051 Lakemoor815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60014 Lakewood815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60152 Marengo815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 McCullom Lake815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 McHenry815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60051 McHenry815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60013 Oakwood Hills847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60012 Prairie Grove815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Prairie Grove815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60071 Richmond815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60012 Ridgefield815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60072 Ringwood815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60071 Solon Mills815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60081 Spring Grove815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60050 Sunnyside815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60013 Trout Valley847/224McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60180 Union815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60014 Village of Lakewood815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60014 Vlg of Lakewd815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60051 Volo815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60097 Wonder Lake815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)
60098 Woodstock815/779McHenry CountyIllinois (IL)

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