Zip codes for Luzerne County-Pennsylvania

Zip codes for the Luzerne County-Pennsylvania metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Luzerne County-Pennsylvania Postal Codes

18762 Altria570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Ashley570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18641 Avoca570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18601 Beach Haven570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18602 Bear Creek570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Bear Creek Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Bear Creek Tw570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18611 Cambra570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18612 College Misericordia570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18219 Conyngham570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Courtdale570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18612 Dallas570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18690 Dallas570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18221 Drifton570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18222 Drums570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18641 Dupont570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18642 Duryea570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18223 Ebervale570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Edwardsville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18643 Exeter570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18643 Exeter Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Forty Fort570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18224 Freeland570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18690 Frontier Communicationa570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18765 Geisinger South570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18617 Glen Lyon570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Hanover Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18643 Harding570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18225 Harleigh570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18618 Harveys Lake570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18201 Hazle Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18202 Hazle Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18201 Hazle Townshp570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18202 Hazle Townshp570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18201 Hazleton570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18202 Hazleton570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Hilldale570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Hilldale570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Hudson570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Hudson570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Hughestown570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18621 Hunlock Creek570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18621 Hunlock Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18622 Huntington Mills570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18622 Huntington Ml570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Inkerman570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18708 Jackson Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Jenkins Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Kingston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Korn Krest570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Laflin570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18651 Larksville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Larksville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18234 Lattimer Mines570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18234 Lattimer Mnes570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Laurel Run570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18627 Lehman570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18709 Luzerne570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18239 Milnesville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Miners Mill570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18655 Mocanaqua570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18707 Mountain Top570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18634 Nanticoke570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18635 Nescopeck570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18707 Nuangola570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18202 Pardeesville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Parsons570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18641 Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18642 Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18643 Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18644 Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Pittston Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Plains570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Plains570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Plains Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Plains Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18651 Plymouth570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Port Griffith570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Pringle570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18246 Rock Glen570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18247 Saint Johns570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18708 Shavertown570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18654 Shawanese570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18655 Shickshinny570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18769 Social Sec Admin570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18767 Social Security Admin570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Sugar Notch570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18249 Sugarloaf570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18656 Sweet Valley570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Swoyersville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18251 Sybertsville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18708 Trucksville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18660 Wapwallopen570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Warrior Run570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18202 West Hazleton570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18634 West Nanticoke570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18643 West Pittston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18644 West Wyoming570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18256 Weston570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18661 White Haven570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18701 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18703 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18704 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18705 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18707 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18708 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18709 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18710 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18711 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18762 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18764 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18765 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18766 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18767 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18769 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18773 Wilkes Barre570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18764 Wilkes Barre General Hsptl570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Wilkes Barre Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Wilkes Barre Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18766 Wilkes University570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18702 Wlks Barr Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18706 Wlks Barr Township570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18644 Wyoming570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18640 Yatesville570Luzerne CountyPennsylvania (PA)

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