Zip codes for Kane County-Illinois

Zip codes for the Kane County-Illinois metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Kane County-Illinois Postal Codes

60505 Aurora630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60506 Aurora630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60507 Aurora630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60568 Aurora630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60510 Batavia630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60539 Batavia630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60511 Big Rock630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60109 Burlington847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60119 Campton Hills630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60124 Campton Hills847Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60140 Campton Hills847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60174 Campton Hills630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60175 Campton Hills630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60110 Carpentersville847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60110 Carpentersvle847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60118 Dundee847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60118 East Dundee847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60119 Elburn630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60120 Elgin847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60121 Elgin847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60123 Elgin847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60124 Elgin847Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60134 Geneva630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60136 Gilberts847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60140 Hampshire847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60120 Hoffman Est847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60144 Kaneville630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60147 Lafox630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60151 Lily Lake815/779Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60175 Lily Lake630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60151 Maple Park815/779Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60539 Mooseheart630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60568 Nicor Gas630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60542 North Aurora630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60568 Northern Il Gas630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60568 Northern Ill Gas Co630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60140 Pingree Grove847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60124 Plato Center847Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60170 Plato Center847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60174 Saint Charles630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60175 Saint Charles630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60118 Sleepy Hollow847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60177 South Elgin847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60554 Sugar Grove630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60174 Valley View630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60151 Virgil815/779Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60183 Wasco630/331Kane CountyIllinois (IL)
60118 West Dundee847/224Kane CountyIllinois (IL)

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