Zip codes for Jefferson Parish-Louisiana

Zip codes for the Jefferson Parish-Louisiana metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Jefferson Parish-Louisiana Postal Codes

70094 Avondale504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70036 Barataria504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70062 Beachview504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70094 Bridge City504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70123 Elmwood504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70358 Grand Isle504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70062 Green Lawn Terrace504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70053 Gretna504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70054 Gretna504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70056 Gretna504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70123 Harahan504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70058 Harvey504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70059 Harvey504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70121 Jefferson504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70062 Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70063 Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70064 Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70065 Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70097 Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70060 La Gas Serv Inc504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70067 Lafitte504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70072 Marrero504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70073 Marrero504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70001 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70002 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70003 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70004 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70005 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70006 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70009 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70010 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70011 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70033 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70055 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70060 Metairie504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70121 New Orleans504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70123 New Orleans504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70141 New Orleans504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70181 New Orleans504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70183 New Orleans504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70123 River Ridge504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70121 Shrewsbury504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70094 South Kenner504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70056 Terrytown504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70094 Waggaman504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70094 Westwego504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)
70096 Westwego504Jefferson ParishLouisiana (LA)

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