Zip codes for Hidalgo County-Texas

Zip codes for the Hidalgo County-Texas metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Hidalgo County-Texas Postal Codes

78572 Abram956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78516 Alamo956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78573 Alton956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78505 Bonner956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78516 Campo Alto956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Chihuahua956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Citrus City956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78565 Curvitas956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78537 Donna956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78538 Edcouch956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 Edinburg956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78540 Edinburg956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78541 Edinburg956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78542 Edinburg956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78516 El Gato956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78543 Elsa956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78543 Engelman956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 Faysville956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Granjeno956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78549 Hargill956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Havana956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78570 Heidelberg956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78557 Hidalgo956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78505 Kane956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78558 La Blanca956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78560 La Joya956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78537 La Tijera956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78562 La Villa956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78577 Las Milpas956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78563 Linn956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78589 Lopezville956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78565 Los Ebanos956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 Lull956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Madero956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78501 Mc Allen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78502 Mc Allen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78503 Mc Allen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78504 Mc Allen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78501 McAllen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78502 McAllen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78503 McAllen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78504 McAllen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78505 McAllen956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78505 McColl956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78570 Mercedes956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Mission956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78573 Mission956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78574 Mission956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78538 Monte Alto956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Palmhurst956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78573 Palmhurst956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78574 Palmhurst956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Palmview956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78574 Palmview956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78576 Penitas956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Perezville956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78577 Pharr956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78579 Progreso956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78596 Progreso Lakes956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78596 Progreso Lks956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78563 Puerto Rico956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78596 Ramona956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 Red Gate956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78570 Relampago956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78570 Rio Rico956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 San Carlos956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78589 San Juan956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78539 San Juan Community956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78572 Sharyland956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78595 Sullivan City956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78570 Thayer956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78596 Weslaco956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)
78599 Weslaco956Hidalgo CountyTexas (TX)

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