Zip codes for Harlan County-Kentucky

Zip codes for the Harlan County-Kentucky metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Harlan County-Kentucky Postal Codes

40801 Ages606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40801 Ages Brooksde606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40801 Ages Brookside606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40863 Alva606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Bailey Creek606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40806 Baxter606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40807 Benham606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40808 Big Laurel606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40810 Bledsoe606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40801 Brookside606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40815 Cawood606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40823 Chad606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40831 Chevrolet606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40927 Closplint606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40818 Coalgood606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40819 Coldiron606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40820 Cranks606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40815 Crummies606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40823 Cumberland606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40824 Dayhoit606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Dizney606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Evarts606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40829 Grays Knob606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40830 Gulston606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40831 Harlan606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40823 Hiram606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40843 Holmes Mill606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40806 Keith606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40847 Kenvir606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40849 Lejunior606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Louellen606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40854 Loyall606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40855 Lynch606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40964 Mary Alice606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40819 Molus606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40823 Oven Fork606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40863 Pathfork606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40810 Pine Mountain606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40865 Putney606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Redbud606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40831 Smith606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40815 Three Point606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40870 Totz606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40873 Wallins606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40873 Wallins Creek606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Woods606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)
40828 Yocum Creek606Harlan CountyKentucky (KY)

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