Zip codes for Cumberland County-Pennsylvania

Zip codes for the Cumberland County-Pennsylvania metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Cumberland County-Pennsylvania Postal Codes

17055 Andersontown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Bloserville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17089 Blue Shield717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17007 Boiling Sprgs717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17007 Boiling Springs717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17012 Book of Month717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Bowmansdale717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Brandtsville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17001 Camp Hill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17011 Camp Hill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17012 Camp Hill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17089 Camp Hill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17013 Carlisle717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17015 Carlisle717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17013 Carlisle Barracks717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17013 Carlisle Brks717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Cleversburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Cobblerville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Defense Depot717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Defense Depot717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Dickinson717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Doubling Gap717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Drexel Hills717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17025 East Pennsboro717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17025 Enola717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Entlerville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Fair Acres717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Frogtown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Goodhope717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17027 Grantham717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Greenspring717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Hampden Station717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Hampden Township717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Hays Grove717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Heberlig717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17089 High Mark Blue Shield717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Hogestown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Lees Cross Rd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17043 Lemoyne717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Lisburn717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Little Wash717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Locust Point717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Lower Mifflin717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Mainsville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Marsh Run717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 McCrea717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Mech717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Mech717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Mechancsbrg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Mechancsbrg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Mechanicsburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Mechanicsburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Mechbg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Mechbg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17027 Messiah Coll717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17027 Messiah College717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Middle Spring717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Mongul717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Mount Allen717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17065 Mount Holly Springs717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Mowersville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Navy Ships717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Navy Ships717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Navy Sup Dpt717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Navy Sup Dpt717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Cmbrlnd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Cumb717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Cumberland717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Cumberland Army D717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Cumberlnd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17072 New Kingstown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 New Market717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17240 Newburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Newcmbrlnd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Newville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 North Cumberld717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 North Newton717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Nw Cumb717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Nw Cumberland717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Nw Cumberlnd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Pinola717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17081 Plainfield717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Rudytown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Shepherdstown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Shippensburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17011 Shiremanstown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17025 South Enola717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17007 South Middleton717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17266 South Newton717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Stoughstown717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17093 Summerdale717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Trindle Sprg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17257 Tusculam717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Upper Allen717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Upper Frankfd717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 Upper Mifflin717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17065 Upper Mill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17266 Walnut Bottom717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17043 Washington Ht717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17050 Wertzville717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17025 West Enola717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17025 West Fairview717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17241 West Pennsboro717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17070 Westfield Ter717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Williams Grv717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17055 Winding Hill717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17081 Wolfs Crossroads717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17043 Wormleysbg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17043 Wormleysburg717Cumberland CountyPennsylvania (PA)

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