Zip codes for Columbia County-Pennsylvania

Zip codes for the Columbia County-Pennsylvania metropolitan area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau).

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Columbia County-Pennsylvania Postal Codes

17815 Almedia570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17920 Aristes570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Ashbury570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Bendertown570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Benton570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18603 Berwick570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Bloomsburg570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17839 Bloomsburg570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Buckhorn570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Catawissa570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Central570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Coles Creek570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Derrs570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Elk Grove570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Espy570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17846 Eyers Grove570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Fairmount Spr570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Fernville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17846 Iola570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Jamison City570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Jerseytown570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Kulp570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Laubachs570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17839 Lightstreet570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Lime Ridge570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Locust570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Mainville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Mayberry570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17888 Midvalley570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
18631 Mifflinville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Mill Grove570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17846 Millville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Mordansville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17858 Numidia570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Orange570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Orangeville570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Parrs Mill570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Pealertown570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17846 Pine Summit570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Queen City570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Raven Creek570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Red Rock570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17820 Roaring Creek570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17859 Rohrsburg570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Rupert570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17846 Sereno570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17815 Shumans570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17878 Stillwater570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Talmar570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17814 Waller570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)
17888 Wilburton570Columbia CountyPennsylvania (PA)

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