Postal Code Listings for Limestone, New Brunswick (Canada)

What is the zip code for Limestone, New Brunswick ?

Postal Code Listing

December 2011: Canada Post, which owns the copyright to Canadian postal codes, demanded that we remove the postal code listing from our site. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

You may search for full list of postal codes at Canada Post.

E7N 2H7
E7N 2H8
E7N 2H9
E7N 2J1
E7N 2J2
E7N 2J3
E7N 2J4
E7N 2J5
E7N 2J6
E7N 2N2
E7N 2N3
E7N 2N4
E7N 2N5
E7N 2N6
E7N 2N7
E7N 2S7
E7N 2S8
E7N 2S9
E7N 2T1
E7N 2T2
E7N 2T3

You may search for postal codes at Canada Post.

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Why is zip code data on an environmental science site?
In 2002 I was working on a project that correlated pollution and income for postal codes across the United States and Canada. While the Canadian effort did not work out so well, visitors told me the data files were very useful so I left them on the site and now update the postal information on a periodic basis even though the focus of the site is conservation.

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