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Iraq Index

Armed Forces (1987): Army--approximately 1 million (including about 480,000 active reserves); navy--about 5,000; air force--40,000 (including 10,000 in Air Defense Command). Compulsory two-year conscription for males was extended during war.

Combat Units and Major Equipment (1987) (Equipment estimates tentative because of wartime losses): Army--seven corps headquarters, five armored divisions (each with one armored brigade and one mechanized brigade), three mechanized divisions (each with one armored brigade and two or more mechanized brigades), thirty infantry divisions (including army, volunteer, and reserve brigades), one Presidential Guard Force (composed of three armored brigades, one infantry brigade, and one commando brigade), six Special Forces brigades; about 4,600 tanks, including advanced versions of T-72, about 4,000 armored vehicles, more than 3,000 towed and self-propelled artillery pieces; Air Defense Command--about 4,000 self-propelled antiaircraft guns, more than 300 SAMs; Army Air Corps--about 270 armed helicopters. Navy--one frigate, eight OSA-class patrol boats with Styx SSMs, other small patrol, minesweeping, and supply ships; (being held in Italy under embargo in 1988) four Lupa-class frigates, with Otomast-2 SSMs and Albatros/Aspide SAMs, six Assad-class corvettes with Otomat-2 SSMs. Air Force-- about 500 combat aircraft in 2 bomber squadrons, 11 fighterground attack squadrons, 5 interceptor squadrons, 1 counterinsurgency squadron, and 2 transport squadrons.

Military Budget: Fiscal year (FY) 1986 estimated at US$11.58 billion.

Police, Paramilitary, and State Security Organizations: (1987) People's Army--estimated 650,000 (constituted majority of paramilitary reserves); Security Forces--4,800 estimate; Frontier Guard, Futuwah (paramilitary youth organization), Department of General Intelligence, regular civil police force-- sizes unknown.

Data as of May 1988

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