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Indonesia Index

Roads: Total 250,000 kilometers national, provincial, and district roads (1989); 43 percent paved; about 32 percent classed as highways. Urban transit dominated by motor vehicles; increasing use of buses, minibuses, and motorcycles.

Maritime: Interisland transportation critical; traditional sailing craft still widely used but increasing motorization. Port improvements underway in 1980s and early 1990s; 300 registered ports for international and interisland trade. Domestic merchant fleet composed of 35 oceangoing vessels, 259 interisland vessels, more than 1,000 modernized local vessels, almost 4,000 traditional vessels, 1,900 special bulk carriers. Nearly 21,600 kilometers of inland waterways.

Airports: Government-owned airline, Garuda Indonesian Airways, with one smaller subsidiary; one private airline. SukarnoHatta International Airport opened outside Jakarta in 1985. Major airports in Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya, and Batam Island; 470 airports total in early 1990s, 111 with permanent-surface runways.

Railroads: Track length 6,964 kilometers in early 1990s, all government-owned and -operated by Indonesian State Railways (PJKA; for this and other acronyms--see table A). Some 211 kilometers of roadbed double tracked and 125 kilometers electrified, all in Java. Most used for passenger transportation but increasing use for freight since early 1980s. Modernization program underway with World Bank assistance since late 1980s.

Telecommunications: First Indonesian Palapa satellite launched 1976, replaced in 1987; 130 earth stations; direct dialing among 147 cities, international direct dialing to 147 countries; 226 automatic and 480 manual telephone exchanges; about 800,000 telephones (1990). Television and radio dominated by government networks, but private stations on the rise in early 1990s. Some 11 million television sets and 22 million radios in early 1990s.

Data as of November 1992

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