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Hungary Index

Railroads: 7,769 kilometers total in 1986, of which 7,513 kilometers standard gauge, 221 narrow gauge, and 35 kilometers broad gauge; 1,128 kilometers double-tracked and 1,918 kilometers electrified.

Roads: 140,163 kilometers total in 1986, of which 29,796 kilometers concrete, asphalt, and stone block.

Inland Waterways: 1,622 kilometers in 1986.

Pipelines: 1,204 kilometers in 1986 for crude oil; 600 kilometers in 1986 for refined products; and 3,800 kilometers in 1986 for natural gas.

Ports: Budapest's Csepel the principal port; also Duna├║jvaros.

Airports: Eighty total in 1986, with ten having permanent surface runways. Budapest's Ferihegy the principal airport and only international airport.

Telecommunications: 770,200 telephones in 1986, or about 145 per 1,000 persons. Severe shortage of telephone lines.

Data as of September 1989

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