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Hungary-Paramilitary Programs

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Hungary Index

In the late 1980s, the MHSz gave lessons and courses related to defense and civil defense, and it aided in the premilitary training of young people and in the military training for reservists. The MHSz resembled the Soviet Voluntary Society for Cooperation with the Army, Air Force, and Navy (Dobrovol'noe Obshchestvo Sodeistviia Armii, Aviatsii, i Flotu--DOSAAF).

In small villages, men were required to take part in weapons training, using air guns, at least once a year. All adults were also obliged to participate in civil defense drills, using gas masks.

In the cities, workers in large organizations formed "civil defense chains," a system of notifying co-workers to meet at a prearranged place during a civil emergency. Every year each workplace held at least one civil defense drill.

Data as of September 1989

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