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Hungary Index

Armed Forces: Hungarian People's Army in 1989 included ground forces (77,000 with 58 percent conscripts); air force (22,000 with 36 percent conscripts); Danube Flotilla (700); and Border Guards (11,000 with 70 percent conscripts). All forces organized under Ministry of Defense. Soviet Southern Group of Forces stationed in Hungary numbered 65,000 troops.

Ground Forces: Three corps, with combined total of five tank brigades and ten motorized rifle brigades; independent artillery and surface-to-surface missile brigades; one airborne battalion; one antitank regiment; one antiaircraft regiment; and surface-to-air missile regiments. Danube Flotilla had eighty-two vessels in 1988.

Air Force: One air division and one air defense division. Air division had three fighter or fighter-bomber regiments, one helicopter regiment, and one reconnaissance squadron. Air defense division had three surface-to-air regiments in late 1980s.

Equipment: Primarily Soviet.

Paramilitary: Included Security Police apparatus (15,000) and Workers' Guard (60,000) in 1988. Both forces received some military training.

Data as of September 1989

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