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Hungary Index

Politics: Monopolized by Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (HSWP), the communist party. Other parties reappeared in liberalized conditions of late 1980s, including Independent Smallholders' Party and Social Democratic Party. Opposition Roundtable engaged in talks with HSWP to reform political system.

Government: Constitution of 1949 substantially amended in 1972. National Assembly met infrequently but was gaining importance in 1989. Presidential Council and Council of Ministers principal government bodies. Important posts occupied by highranking HSWP members.

Foreign Relations: Diplomatic relations with most countries. Allied with Soviet Union in international affairs. Relations with United States throughout postwar period; since late 1970s, these relations have warmed considerably and in late 1980s have blossomed.

International Agreements: Participation in Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon), Warsaw Pact, and United Nations. Signatory to Helsinki Accords and Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction Agreement.

Data as of September 1989

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