Recommended Web Hosts Based on Personal Experience

There are countless web hosting services available in the market today. As webmaster of several large web sites I have had experiences with two excellent web hosts. Depending on your needs one of these hosts should provide the web services you need for your web site.

Lunarpages $110/yr
hosting + new domain registration
800 MB 40 Gigs/Mo Great customer service -- the best of the web hosts with whom I've worked. Subdomains are free while additional domains cost roughly $45 for the first year. 1000 pop email addresses.
iPowerWeb $95/yr
hosting + free domain registration
800 MB 40 Gigs/Mo The most reasonable web hosting service -- addon domains cost only $18/year, though subdomains are an additional fee. Up to 400 email accounts.

All these web hosts offer additional features such as forums, guestbooks, web stat packages, scripts, SSL, FTP, PHP, CGI, MySQL, Frontpage and more. For a full list of features please visit the links above.

Dedicated servers. I have used and Lunarpages for dedicated servers. These worked well for a couple of years but then mongabay grew so large that eventually I had to move to an enterprise solution.