AIDS Statistics for Uganda

All figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau

Population Growth Rate
With AIDS: 3
Without AIDS: 3.5
Net Decrease: 0.5

Life expectancy at birth
With AIDS: 46.8
Without AIDS: 59.2
Net Decrease: 12.3

Crude death rate
With AIDS: 15.2
Without AIDS: 9.5
Net Decrease: 5.7

Infant mortality rate
With AIDS: 76.6
Without AIDS: 66.5
Net Decrease: 10.1

Under-5 mortality rate
With AIDS: 121.1
Without AIDS: 104.1
Net Decrease: 17

Total fertility rate: 6.1

Urban trend, pregnant women
Date*: 1996.5
Percent seropositive: 15.3
Date: 1997.5
Percent seropositive: 14.7

Estimated percent seropositive, total country
December 31, 1999: 8.3
December 31, 2001: 5


Urban trend, pregnant women
Date*: 1987.5
Percent seropositive: 24
Date: 1992
Percent seropositive: 29.5

Estimated percent seropositive, total country
December 31, 1999: 12
December 31, 2001: (NA)

Note: "Prevalence levels for pregnantwomen in major urban areas in Uganda appear to have peaked in the early 1990s, with rather dramatic declines subsequently. Infection levels of nearly 30 percent were detected in 1992; by 1996, HIV prevalence rates had declined by nearly 50 percent (Table A-1). Although discussion of the causes of these declines is still underway, it appears clear that a substantial change has occurred. Consequently, the approach described above needed to be modified to conform to the empirical evidence of declining HIV prevalence rates." [From]

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